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Awamori, which represents Okinawa, is a distilled rice liquor. Kataya IMUGE. Is a sweet potato spirit. Well, when it comes to sweet potato shochu, it's not the case.


Imo shochu is made by the primary preparation of adding water and yeast to the jiuqu and fermenting it, and then by adding the sweet potato and fermenting it. IMUGE. Is made by adding brown sugar (grains and powder) after the secondary preparation. We perform "tertiary preparation" to ferment.


Therefore, IMUGE. Is classified as "spirits" instead of shochu under the Liquor Tax Law. In the past, brown sugar was added to promote the fermentation of sweet potato moromi, but the combination of this ingredient, "sweet potato" and "brown sugar," is unique in modern sake. The unique taste of IMUGE. Was also created by this combination.


And the taste is ...


The moment you put it in your mouth, it has a refreshing citrus aroma derived from sweet potatoes and a gorgeous flavor like fruits and flowers. .. The mouth is light and sharp.

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